Adding Packages to Portal

Specify what packages you want to display on your portal. This can be done in two ways. You can either:

-Add Packages Manually

-Publish Packages on-spot

To add packages to your portal:

Navigate to Customize Portal Screen and move to the Docs Section by clicking on Docs

Customize Portal Page

On the Docs section, click Languages


Click Published Packages to open the the Package Management Dialog

Package Managment

Note   On the Package Managment Dialog, choose between adding packages manually or publishing them via APIMatic.

To Add Packages Manually:

  • Click Add Manually

Add Manually

  • Select the Package Publishing Repo, Specify the Name of your Package and Specify the Version

Add Manually

  • Click Done to save


  • Click “X” to remove package


To Publish Package on-spot:

  • Click Publish via APIMatic


Upon continuing, some validation checks will run on the API Description. If your API Description is valid, you will be given the option to continue further.

  • Click Proceed when API Validation succeeds


  • Select Repository. If you have not added credentials for your desired repository, you will be redirected to the credentials page


  • Add Package Name and Version and click Publish


Note   Please make sure that the package name is unique and a package by that name is not already published on the platform that you’re publishing to (e.g npm).

Give it a few seconds. You will receive a confirmation message when the package is successfully published.

Package Published

Now you can go ahead and visit the URL to see your published package.

  • If you have previously published packages via APIMatic, you can alternatively select them from a dropdown as well.


  • To remove a package, click the “X” button.

Docs Section

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