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Troubleshooting Tests

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the test generation feature:

  1. I am getting the error "The test input for parameter (parameter Name) in test case (Testcase Name) is invalid". What should I do?
    Please verify that the value you have specified for this parameter is indeed a valid value for the type of the parameter you defined in the endpoint definition. E.g. if your parameter is defined to be a Number and the test value you are giving it is a string then the validation will fail and you will get this error.
  2. I am getting the error "Test input (parameter Name) does not correspond to an endpoint parameter in test case (Testcase Name)". What should I do?
    Please ensure that the endpoint for which you are defining the test case indeed contains a definition of a parameter with that name. If not, please define that parameter in the endpoint definition and then try again.
  3. I am getting the warning "Query params/ Field params are provided in test (Testcase Name) when endpoint does not allow it". What is causing this warning?
    You seem to have defined some query parameters or field parameters in your input parameters of the test case even though you did not enable the use of these parameters in your endpoint definition. Please enable the Query parameters using the Allow dynamic query params and enable the Field parameters using the Allow dynamic form fields in the endpoint definition.
  4. I am getting the error "Body match mode (Mode Name) is not allowed for response of type (Type Name) in test case (Test Case Name) ". What should I do?
    A particular body match mode may not be applicable to responses of certain types. In such a case you will encounter this error. To refer to the modes available for a particular response type, please refer to Step 6: Specify Expected Body.