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Create SDK through APIMatic CLI

APIMatic CLI allows automatic SDK generation for your APIs in multiple popular languages. You can use the apimatic sdk:generate command to create an SDK for your API.

$ apimatic sdk:generate

The following command generates a Python SDK for an API defined in filename.json. It also downloads the SDK to your working directory as a .zip file.

$ apimatic sdk:generate --platform=python --file="filename.json" --zip

The output of this command on successful execution is:

Generating SDK... done
Downloading SDK... done
Success! Your SDK is located at D:\

You can tweak this command as per your requirement. To find the list of languages and platforms supported by this command, run this command:

$ apimatic sdk: generate --help

It will show you what languages and platforms you can opt for to generate SDK.

--platform=platform       (required) language platform for sdk